Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Which our Author sings Chinar Es and becomes a Peace Corps Volunteer

Some have asked to hear me singing Chinar Es. Thanks to technology, that is possible! Follow the link below, which is to the recording of the live video stream of the A-19 Swearing In Ceremony, and fast-forward to about minute 43:00 on the video. You can also watch the entire thing if you're interested in seeing the entirety of the wonderful ceremony we had that day. Enjoy!

A-19 Swearing In Ceremony.


  1. Nice singing Joe I am! However, I think you are forbidden to deluge your house address only publicly, the name and location of the town you live in is except, its optional, and can be disclosed. Anyway, in your case, I think its a good idea to be discreet otherwise you will get a lot of visitors eager to hear you sing.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments, Michel! I agree it's best to be discreet--although I'm performing at a concert tomorrow for my NGO, so word might get out!